The Return

National and Global Day and Movement
of Prayer and Repentance

 September 26, 2020*
On The National Mall

*Starting Now and for the Entire Year of 2020
Centering on 10 Days of Prayer and Repentance
(September 18-28, 2020)

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· What is The Return? - A day and movement of return to the Lord in prayer and repentance for revival and restoration.

· Why? - Because the time is critical and the only hope is revival and only in repentance can revival come.

· When? - The day is September 26, 2020. But the movement begins from this moment forth and focuses on 10 Days of Prayer and Repentance from September 18-28. (Which was during the 400th Anniversary of the Sailing of the Mayflower).

· Where? - On September 26, in Washington, D.C. on the Washington Mall – But also in events and gatherings around the nation and around the world on that day and in the days leading up to it.

· Who? - All are welcome and called to take part in The Return to God according to what has been set forth. Those leading the days and events are believers in God and the full revelation of the Bible.

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